Turki Bowl I

The aerial leaders reconnaissance being conducted on November 12, 2006 by 5-73 CAV hadn’t gleaned any results. After hours in the air, the decision had been reached to call it a day when suddenly…

The buried container hatch that blew open as the helicopters passed over it
The white truck loaded with weapons and US dollars
Weapons cache that was in the buried storage container that also had human remains in it

The fight for Turki began…

Read about the battles that were fought by 5-73 CAV and in recognition of their bravery receiving the Presidential Unit Citation for the Turki campaign!

Headhunter 5-73 and Their Fight For Iraq’s Diyala River Valley is set for release soon!

You can preorder at petercsvoboda.com

82nd Airborne Division Airborne Army History Cavalry Scouts Paratroopers US Army US Army Infantry US Army ROTC US Military Academy Virginia Military Institute

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